Thursday, 30 September 2010

Cake Club has started!!

Well, at last had time to bake!!!
Decided Cake Club at the theatre had to start, so arrived with a lemon cake which disappeared very quickly!!
Just basic sponge mix but I add a dessertspoonful of lemon oil which adds great flavour and keeps the cake really moist. Split the sponges and filled with lemon curd and lemon buttercream. Had some jelly lemon slices in the cupboard so used them up - they really take me back to my childhood and cakes my Grandma Holden used to bake.
I've asked the cast of 'The Game' to put in requests for next week's cake so will let you know what the coice for Salisbury week will be!!
Had a lovely time visiting Lorraine Kelly and Phillip and Holly at This Morning.
They all make you feel so welcome and really help plug the play which is going really well and has got great reviews, thankfully!!
Phil suggested I come in to do a cake club for them, jokingly, but I think it's a great idea and would love to do it - so who knows.
Great that he mentioned my Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe that's now used in John Torode's restaurant Smiths after he loved it on Celebrity Masterchef. I'm thrilled but I bet I don't get a credit!!!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Home for a week!!

Having been away from home for the past few weeks , it's lovely to be back in my own kitchen and couldn't resist making a pud yesterday. Our friends, the Jacksons, came over for a takeaway ( didn't get back from Liverpool till the early hours of Sunday morning) and I threw together an old favourite - Auntie Lorna's Cappucino Pavlova!!
As the title suggests, it was passed onto me by my godmother who used to make it every Boxing Day for lunch and it's always been one of my favourites since I was small.
It's so easy - a basic pavlova but with coffee and tia maria added to the cream.
Went down a treat , adults and kids alike ( there's only a small amount of alcohol in it!!)
It was great catching up with everyone having been away for a while.
Looking forward to the new Nigella series starting. There's nothing that I've made of hers that hasn't turned out well!!! Great recipes!
The play is going really well and has had great reviews, which is fantastic.
At Watford Palace this week and move to Salisbury next. ( )
Now we are in a routine I must organise a Cake Club.
Watch out for me on Lorraine tomorrow and This Morning on Weds.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Thank Heavens for the crumbles!!

End of 2nd week of rehearsals. They are going well and I'm really enjoying the play and the company are great fun.
Unfortunately not had much time to do any baking or even cooking but I'm thrilled that there is another baker in the company, Matt, so we are going to set up a cake club and bake a different cake every week.
I'm still loving the Great British Bake off and this week it's puddings so I'll be looking oiut for new recipes and ideas!!!

At least we ate well this weekend!! Thank goodness for all those crumbles Gracie and I made. It was yummy !!!