Monday, 29 August 2011

The Pudding Heats are over!

Well we've been to Bristol, Edinburgh and Manchester and we have managed to select our 6 puddings and cakes for the next round in London on Wednesday. It's been great fun and we have tasted some lovely cakes and desserts ( some awful ones too !!!).
However, I've been a little disappointed by the lack of traditional and local puddings - not even a Manchester Tart for the tart from Manchester ( Cilla that is !!)
Can't give too much away about all the puds but I do have a couple of favourites at the moment.
Looking forward to Wednesday as the desserts are being made from scratch for us - will keep you posted.
In the mean time, here are some snaps from our travels. The three judges - Gizzi Erskine, Dave Oliver - the man from Tesco ( and he doesn't always say 'yes') and me.
Alison Hammond, Presenter but wishes she was a judge!! Could a camper microphone have been made!!

And 2, sugar high, girlies at the end of the day, showing off their lemons.

Will post after Wednesday and look out for us all on This Morning starting 5th September.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Exciting Sweet Challenge!!

I'm back from my holiday in Spain and really looking forward to a great job ( if you can call it that!).
This Morning are holding a nationwide search to find a new pudding that will be put in the shelves at Tesco for a limited time and I've been asked to be one of the judges - I'm thrilled - loads of puds to taste!! We start this Saturday in Bristol and then visit Edinburgh and Manchester before coming to London. It's going to be great and inbetween I'm off to Venice for week so I'll post some piccies from eating out there.
Check the 'This Morning ' website for all the competition details.

Gracie's 11th Birthday!

Birthday's at Gracie's school are all about taking cakes in for the class and teacher!!
This year she decided on cupcakes for all with lots of sweets on them! I spent a whole evening icing 48 cupcakes for the whole year!I loved it though - great fun.

The girls loved them so much that Gracie decided she would have them as her birthday cake at her sleepover for 13!!! Yes , I'm mad!

Year 6 leaver's cupcakes!

Gracie is moving on to Upper school in September. Her Year 6 girls had a leaver's party organised by us mums.We decorated the Governor's dining room and had a DJ for them.
I ended up being in charge of cocktails - made loads of Shirley Temples!!
All the mums joined in with the food and I made some chocolate cupcakes with Aero bubbles on top - there were loads and we managed to grab a couple for a much needed tea break! 

Lunch at Hand and Flowers with Dan and Susan!

July 4th - American Independance Day. Not really any need to celebrate but a good enough excuse for lunch out.
Our friends Dan and Susan ( of Kenny pants fame - see january post) had been wanting to visit the Hand and Flowers in Marlow for a while. Kenny and I have been a few times now and love Tom Kerridge's food but wanted to try the new menu with all his dishes from this year's Great British Menu.
I couldn't persuade Kenny to have the pork as the trotters put him off and the dish is for two people - so went for the most beautiful smoked haddock omelette, real comfort food - so delicious!!
The table next to us ordered the pork though and it looked spectacular.
Thankfully, Tom's take on strawberries and cream was on the menu and I just had to have it. However ,I was so desperate to tuck in that I forgot to take a photo till I was half way through it!!
A delicious lunch!! 

Gracie's Whoopie pies!

Sorry it's been a while but end of term festivities and then holiday have taken over a bit!!
I'm playing catch up again!
My daughter, Gracie, bought herself a lovely recipe book called 'Whoopie Pies' - guess what all the recipes are for!
It's by Hannah Miles who I'd followed closely when she appeared on Masterchef in 2007 - I really felt she deserved to win and am thrilled she has gone on to have a successful career in food.
The book is lovely with great recipes and beautiful photography.
Gracie decided to have a go at Caramel Popcorn Pies. She made them all by herself and I think the end result was spectacular!