Sunday, 2 January 2011

Kenny's Birthday!!

My husband celebrated his 45th birthday on the 28th December. I was a bit rubbish and didn't manage to make a cake as we were at my mum's but the next day we went to our friend's Dan and Susan and they had made this - brilliant!!!!The pants are there for because of an in joke which I'm not allowed to tell!!!
I'm off to Hull this week to start rehearsals for a play that is touring called April in Paris for Hull Truck Theatre Company. There are only two of us in it so I think cake club may have to become cupcake or biscuit club!!!Will keep you posted.

Coronation Street 50th party pudding!!!

Was lucky enough to be invited to the 50th party in Manchester on December 10th and couldn't resist taking a piccie of this fab pud!!! Great party too!!

Christmas in the Caribbean!!

Been lucky enough to get away for two weeks and went , with a lot of persuasion to the Caribbean on a cruise!! Really enjoyed it once I got use to the size of our room - small!!

And the food was beautiful with some fantastic puds!!

Not content with a pudding every evening at dinner , we also had a dessert extravaganza evening!!!We were so full but just had to find a bit of room - be rude not too!!!!

ginger bisciuts and santa !!

Here are the gorgeous spicy ginger biscuits and you use the chatilly cream like a dip.
Had to take a photo of Father Christmas!!

Lapland and Ginger biscuits!!

Been a hectic month so a bit behind with posting !!! But here goes-----

Went to Lapland with a wonderful children's charity that I'm patron of - When you wish upon a star - they do an amazing job making sick children and their families' dreams come true.
I've been for the last six years and we always have a tiring but fantastic day where they can all forget their troubles for a while and ,of course, meet Father Christmas.
One thing that we all look forward to is the dessert at lunchtime - really simple but so delicious - spiced Ginger biscuits and whipped cream.