Sunday, 7 November 2010

Courgette Cake in Huddersfield!

Arrived at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in a very rainy Huddersfield with a courgette and lime cake.I could see a bit of apprehension on a few faces COURGETTE - - CAKE!!!!!!! as in Peter Kay's GARLIC - - BREAD!! but as soon as they tasted it, it was a hit.
You really can't taste the courgette even though you can still see specks of green and it makes the cake incredibly moist.I used Nigella's recipe from her baking goddess book but changed the filling a little.Instead of using lime curd I used lime marmalade and made extra cream cheese topping for in between too.Delicious!!!Not sure what to do for skipton this week - will keep you posted.
I'm doing The Wright Stuff on Tuesday to promote the last 3 weeks of the play. Hopefully get pudding plug in too!!