Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Gluten Free Cake Club for Shrewsbury !!

We have wonderful understudy on our Vagina Monologues tour who has the thankless task of being on standby in case myself, Louisa or Zaraah are taken ill. Emma Kelly has requested that we have a gluten free week as, although she has been eating the cake each week, her tummy has been feeling the consequences!

So here goes --- I reached for my friend Katie Caldesi's fabulous book The Italian Cookery Course as I knew there was a great recipe for Chocolate and Almond Cake in there and found on the opposite page an Orange and Polenta Cake too - So I made both !!! 

Both were really moist and delicious - I think it's much better, if you can to stay clear of gluten free flours and they have a real chalky, gritty texture.
Emma was spoilt for choice !!

The rest of us didn't know which to have first - Decisions !!

We started with the Orange and Polenta and then moved onto the Chocolate and Almond - smiles all round.

I can't recommend Katie Caldesi's book enough - The Italian Cookery Course - Not just lovely cakes and puds but beautiful, traditional Italian recipes with superb photography throughout - Buy it !!