Monday, 4 March 2013

Cherry Flapjacks .....

I needed something quick and easy last weekend to throw together for Rutherford and Son, Oxford week ... looked in the cupboard and found some left over cherries from Christmas Cake recipe and some porridge oats... what else .. Flapjacks !!!
There is a wonderful cake and pudding recipe book called The Dessert Deli.. created by my friend, Laura Amos @thedessertdeli .. and it's her recipe I've used, adding 150g of glace cherries, cut in half.

Here it is .. the wrong way round !!

The caramel bubbling...

Added to the oats and cherries..

Put into a lined tin ....

Baked for 15 minutes and cut up when cold ..

Delicious... Thanks Laura !! x

Oh and Sara Poyzer @sarapoyz made us a beautiful Parkin !!