Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A programme about baking - Hurrah !!!!!

The problem with being home all day with nothing to do (apart from cleaning, washing and ironing!!)is I watch too much tv !! Always been a square eyes!!
However, thrilled there are still so many cookery, food programmes on throughout the day.
Started with Ainsley throwing things on the barbecue ( doubt we'll have many more of those this Summer- hmm British weather!!).
Moved onto This Morning and Gino pinching ingredients from 'Happy Campers' to make them all a great meal.
Bit of a lull over lunch but can always catch a repeated 'Come dine with me' - seen them all so many times but still great viewing.
Then back to ITV and Michael Ball making chocolate pancakes with Jo Pratt. Really pleased to see her on tv. I love her books and often use her recipes for dinner parties - White bean and leek soup, really good and can be prepared in advance and the white chocolate and baileys cheesecake is to die for!!!Let's hope she starts making more appearances.
Now mid afternoon and washing dry so got on with some ironing and Gracie decide she wanted to make some cupcakes. Left her to it as I get a little frustrated by the mess!!!
Still ironing for Britain's best dish - interesting choices of dishes and contestants, assume there is an audition process to get to this stage!!
Needed to get out , so went for my swim ( try to go at least 4 times a week) and came back to cupcakes and kitchen with a film of icing sugar!!!!!Never mind, just thrilled she loves baking!!Settle down to dinner and the programme I've been waitng for all day- The Great Britsh Bake off.
So good to see Mel and Sue back together on tv ( used to love Light Lunch)and great to see the wonderful Mary Berry( a lady who really  knows her baking and can comment with great knowledge and empathy). She came to my local memorial hall a couple of years ago to promote a book and give a talk on her career. It was a really interesting afternoon (and I managed to get all my cookery books signed!!)
The programme was a good mix of history of baking and competion and totally agreed with the judges on the two who left. I know there's pressure in a competition but a competent baker whose reached this stage should know not to open the oven door mid way through cooking!!
So by the end of the day was completly cooked out - had a cupcake and went to bed!!!

Looking forward to 1st episode of the week of Celebrity Masterchef tonight. No doubt it will be full of drama.