Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Why am I here ????

Ok !!!
I've been thinking of sharing my thoughts and tips for a while but have been spurred on this week by a few things.
1) It's Celebrity Masterchef final week and my mind has been taken back to this time last year, watching with interest and remembering all the fantastic things I learnt !!!! Really want Christine Hamilton to win ( a phrase I never thought I'd hear myself say!!!! ) however I think it's 90 % certain it will be one of the other 2.
Hence the name of my blog as this was what Greg called me a few times in the programme and I was thrilled.
2)Visited my mother in laws farm on Sunday and went for a walk and noticed that the blackberries are already ripening. My daughter, Gracie, was very enthusiastic  and insisted she come and help me pick some when we got home, ( more of that later).
and finally
3)Popped the tv on when I got to bed last night and was flicking through the channels and had to stop at Ideal World tv!!!!Has anyone ever heard of Clicart ? They have produced an amazing machine for cutting out icing shapes for cake decorating. Loved watching the machine working and the finished cakes but I can't imagine who would pay £500 to get those results!!!So, obviously, didn't succumb - however that was not the case a few weeks back with their Showroom Shine car wax - it really works !!!!! I'm either getting old or am just really sad !!!!! Answers please on a postcard!!

So, here I am.
Back to the blackberries. The common where I live is bursting with them. So Gracie and I set out with our tubs . A couple of hours later we arrived home with purple fingers and a little scratched but very pleased with our full tubs of sweet, beautifully ripe blackberries.
Next job was to make up crumbles for the freezer.
Gracie chopped up apples to add and I got out the tin foil trays bought in bulk from Costco (bargain!!)
Made a normal crumble mix - half butter and sugar quantity to plain flour quantity - and assembled 24 blackberry and apple crumbles to see us through the winter ( and maybe the next !!)
Gracie was very pleased with the results although I don't think she'll be eating them ( 10 and still has an aversion to fruit !!)  

Got a lazy! day at home today and preparing for going away on tour next week.
Doing a play called 'The Game' by Harold Brighouse for Northern Broadsides theatre company . Really looking forward to it but will be away from home , on and off, until 27th November so am stocking up the freezer for them. Just finished a big pot of chilli to freeze. Wednesday night has become known as Chilli night in our house as Gracie has ballet class till 7pm and it the easiest thing to prepare when we get in. Think this will last them !!!
My oven decided to pack in last Thursday so the lovely man from Britannia is here fixing it at the moment. It's been horrid not being able to bake etc but at least it was over a busy weekend!!

Any way enough for now - Go Christine !!!!