Monday, 10 September 2012

Stollen Buns... I know.. it's 3 months till Christmas !!

I was clearing out the kitchen cupboards last week ( happens once a year or so ) and I found an, out of date, Fortnum and Mason's Christmas Pudding .... well it was delicious and got me thinking about Christmas ... only 3 months to go !!!!
I adore marzipan, as you'll see from my earlier post of Marzipan Mince Pies, and thought of other Christmas treats containing it.
Stollen is one of my favourites and I thought I adapt it into some quick and easy buns or cupcakes. I wasn't sure how the marzipan centre would turn out but was thrilled when I cut into the cooled buns .... a perfect ball of marzipan .. YUM !!
I finished the batch of buns off with icing and raisins and cherries and took them as an afternoon treat to BBC 3 Counties Radio where I was on the Nick Coffer show to talk about a local children's hospice at home charity Pepper that I'm raising awareness for
They went down very well.... Give them a go.. and all in plenty of time for Christmas !! Xxx

And a little closer to see the marzipan...

With Nick Coffer  ( @nickcoffer ) and a bun.....

And Brenda and Elaine from the Pepper Charity join us ..

If you love marzipan give them a go ... enjoy x