Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Cakes (with a little help from Delia !!)- I confess !!

Ok, I've been so busy on tour and then sorting out my life and the house and Lapland etc..... that I wasn't going to make a Christmas Cake this year.
I also really love it and can't resist with a cup of tea - so not great for the post Christmas figure !!!
However, I was shopping in Waitrose a couple of weeks ago and waiting to have my 'bleeper' scanned to pay ( love those things - like pretending to be a shopkeeper ! ) and I noticed that Delia's cake box had been reduced to £7.50, so thought it was worth a go to see what all the fuss was about - lots of friends raving about it !!
So I 've made two up and been feeding them with brandy for the last 2 weeks and have now iced them!! Took forever and I never want to see silverballs again !!- it was like the game you get in crackers where you have to move the ball around into the holes !!
Number One is to take up to Mum and Dads - Happy 70th Dad for Christmas Day !!!

And Number Two is for us to devour !!!


Here they are together - Will let you know what they taste like in the New Year !!